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21st Centurions #2 preview

NEW! Feb/11/09 Click on the cover below to preview 21st Centurions #2!
21st Centurions #2

21st Centurions #2!

32 pages in full glossy color! Written, pencilled and colored by Stephanie Sanderson Heike and inked by Mark G. Heike!

SUMMARY :Coming soon.

Eric Lindberg's review of 21st Centurions #1 on Broken Frontier

Trivia: This was the issue when our entire studio apartment ceiling fell in, with one page left to finalize, get the book printed and with only days left to ship to Diamond!

Pin-ups included in 21st Centurions issue two are:

Tigerlily™--pencilled by Vic Bridges and inked by Stephanie Heike

Kid Victory™--pencilled and inked by Mike Machlan

21st Centurions #2 was in the June 06 Diamond PREVIEWS and shipped in August 2006.