21st Centurions

21st Centurions #1 Preview

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21st Centurions #1

32 pages in full glossy color. Written, pencilled and colored by Stephanie Sanderson Heike and inked by Mark G. Heike.

SUMMARY: When 21st Centurions Ariel and Donna take in a concert, they don't suspect that Steel2xs is a cover for high-tech thievery. Can the girls handle the villainous boy-band without help? 21st Centurions writer/artist Stephanie Heike and her inker husband Mark present this creator-owned property about a team of kid heroes, supervised and guided by a powered mentor with a mysterious past. A Sci-Fi/superhero title that focuses on personality and character development without skimping on pyrotechnics and action with state-of-the-art digital color and quality printing.21st Centurions #1 was out in stores in July 2005

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Pin-ups included in 21st Centurions issue one are: Tigerlily™--pencilled by Jim Mooney, Seth--pencilled by Andrew Konetchy and inked by Stephanie Heike and Tribune™--pencilled and inked by Don Hillsman II

The variant cover 21st Centurions #1 featured: Doctor Hoodoo™--pencilled by Stephanie and inked by Mark G. Heike and Kid Victory™--pencilled and inked by Mike Machlan

21st Centurions #1 is the first issue of an all new color series from Centurion Premiere out in May 2005 previews/July 2005 shipping . 32 pages in full color for $3.95 continuing the story from the preview issue zero.

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