/**************************************************************************** //** Software License Agreement (BSD License) //** Book Flip slideshow script- Copyright 2008, Will Jones (coastworx.com) //** This Script is wholly developed and owned by CoastWorx.com //** Copywrite: http://wwww.coastworx.com/ //** You are free to use this script so long as this coptwrite notice //** stays intact in its entirety //** You are NOT Permitted to claim this script as your own or //** use this script for commercial purposes without the express //** permission of CoastWorx Technologies! //** Full credit to Scott Schiller (schillmania.com) for soundManager //***************************************************************************/ var myPageW=450; //page width var myPageH=700; //page height var pageBorderWidth=1; //adjust border width var pageBorderColor="#000000"; //border color var pageBorderStyle="solid"; //border style eg. solid, dashed or dotted. var pSpeed=20; //page speed, 20 is best for Opera browser. Less is faster var pSound=true; //change to true for flip sound effect, if true, install SoundManager from schillmania.com var showBinder=false; //change to false for no binder var binderImage = "parchmentring2.gif"; //location of center binder var binderWidth = 20; //width of center binder image var numPixelsToMove = 20;//number of pixels to move per frame, more is faster but less smooth //You must create the place holder for the dropdown on this page with an id attribute, eg. var selectNavigation=true; //this builds a drop down list of pages for auto navigation. allowPageClick=true; //allow clicking page directly doIncrementalAutoFlip = false; //set this to true if you want to flip to selected page incrementally(ie.see each page turn) ini(); Mark and Stephanie Heike's Studio