21st Centurions #1 preview

32 pages in full glossy color! Written, pencilled and colored by Stephanie Sanderson Heike and inked by Mark G. Heike!


Tribune is on a talk show, recapping events from his past. He gets the call from Ceetee that a vigilante is on the loose. Tigerlily stops the bankrobbers. She hurries away as Tribune arrives. Tribune argues with the assistant D.A., Sheridan about Tigerlily, then talks to the news media about the dangers of We cut to Liberty's Torch where we meet the kids recuited to be the 21st Centurions.

Trivia: While this is the first issue, and the first appearance of the 21st Centurions, it's only the second appearance of Tribune and Ceetee!

Melissa Gay and Stephanie G. were grade school buddies of Steph, and she's glad their pin-ups are in this issue for old time's sake!

Pin-ups included in issue zero are:

Cherie, Larry and Ariel--pencilled by Stephanie Heike and inked by Doug Hazlewood. Tribune™--pencilled and inked by Stephanie Gladden Claire--pencilled and inked by Melissa Gay Ariel, Donna and Cherie--Pencilled and inked by Andrew Pepoy Doctor Hoodoo™--pencilled by Dario Carrasco and inked by Stephanie Heike Tigerlily™--pencilled by Vic Bridges and inked by Stephanie Heike

The Ariel variant cover features two different pin-ups:

Sure Bet: Blue Streak™--pencilled by Stephanie and inked by Mark G. Heike Doctor Hoodoo™--pencilled by Stephanie Heike and inked by Mark G. Heike 21st Centurions #0 was in the October 03 Diamond PREVIEWS and shipped in December 2003.

The Alternate Cover to Zero (Ariel Cover) is no longer available from us, so try your favorite comic shop

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