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Stephanie Sanderson Heike is the writer, penciller, letterer and colorist. She works on the book whenever she has a spare moment.

Steph has been working as a professional comic book artist since 1988 and has freelanced for various companies in the comics field including Image Comics pencilling on features like the Atomic Sub and Venus for Big Bang Comics as Stephanie Sanderson.

Steph has been freelancing for AC Comics since 1991, first as a penciller on books like Cat-Man, All Hero Retro Comics, and Big 'Uns. After a long term business correspondence, she married her husband, Mark in 2000.

Steph has been writing, pencilling, inking, lettering and coloring covers for books for AC. She is currently an assistant editor on the Femforce books. She also set up AC's comic web shop and does a lot of behind the scenes production like ads for 2009's 150th issue of Femforce.

She also does freelance creative and production work for various publishers includes Archie Comics, Penny Farthing Press, Top Cow and Chaos Comics. Her and her husband are proud to have worked on the Calgary Stampede comic for the world famous Calgary Stampede in 2006.

21st Centurions is Steph's comic as writer, penciller, letterer, colorist and publisher--everything but the inks--color superheroic comic book series since 2003. www.21st 21st Centurions #2 shipped through Diamond to retailers in 2006 and she is now hard at work on issue #3 of 21st Centurions.

Mark G. Heike inks 21st Centurions. Mark is best known for his work on AC Comics' Femforce as well as various freelance jobs working for various companies on inking such properties as Star Trek, Star Wars, Teeage Muntant Ninja Turtles, Xena, Simpsons, Magneto , X-Men and others.

For more about us, our other comics work, art and much more follow the link below to our online portfolio website! 21st Centurions and TM Centurion Premiere, Stephanie Heike 2003-2017

Mark and Stephanie Heike's Studio