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21st Centurions #2 preview

21st Centurions #3

Written, pencilled and colored by Stephanie Sanderson Heike and inked by Mark G. Heike! Still in progress!

March 29, 2016

Golden Agents, which picks up where 21st Centurions left off, came out from AC Comics. My day job as Executive Editor at AC Comics keeps me busy, but I still hope to get back to doing more 21st Centurions.

Aug 09, 2010

As one of the few indy female comic book editors, I'm doing MUCH more editorial stuff at my comics day job. I've been keeping busy working on other comics, plus I'm working on freelance inking comics jobs which pay bills. When I can, I'm working on 21st. -------------------------------

July 16, 2009 Teaser ad up. Not actual cover art and all that. Working on it. -------------------------------

Feb 15, 2009 Still working on updates. As most of you know the delay on 21st Centurions #3 is because I've been working on freelance stuff and FF leading up to the landmark 150th issue, which means all of Dec and January I haven't had a chance to do anything substantial on my own book (or on the website for that matter). Got a schedule gap right now, well, as much of schedule gap as I get, so I'm back on 21st Centurions--but with my luck, something new work-wise will come up. -------------------------------

Feb 11, 2009 New Previews of 21st Centurions are live (well, issue one anyway!) Working on the rest--more to come1

Jan 12, 2009--Yes, I'm still here, still working. We've been lucky enough to be getting some freelance work, so it's been nose to the grindstone on other people's comics.

August 02, 2008--Back to work on 21st Centurions #3, plus fixing a few things on the website.

June 12, 2008--Issue 3 is still in progress, waiting on downtime between our other regular comic gigs. We'll be in Chicago for Wizardworld 2008, so drop by our table and say hi!

21st Centurions © and TM Centurion Premiere, Stephanie Heike 2003-2017
21st Centurions © and TM Centurion Premiere, Stephanie Heike 2003-2017